3CHARGY Cloud's software for managing electric car charging stations is fully integrated and aligned with current AFIR (Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation) requirements.

Our platform is fully integrated and compatible with most AC and DC charging stations.

Payments and transactions

Increase revenue with flexible payments and billing.


Troubleshooting and firmware update of remote charging points.

Dynamic Load Management

Avoid costly network upgrades and optimize ROI

Charging as a service

A 360-degree charging experience for electric vehicle drivers.

Manage public and home charging in one app with our comprehensive charging solution.

Charging at home

80% of all electric car charging takes place at home. It is no secret that the electric vehicle charging market is growing rapidly. As sales of electric vehicles increase, the demand for home charging will increase. 34% of companies plan to install charging points in employees' homes.

Companies are recognizing the potential of home charging as a solution for their corporate fleets. That's why we are already offering our customers the option of charging company cars at employees' homes.

Remote access to the platform

Your charging station data is always under control. The device has a SIM card connected to 3CHARGY's remote platform. As a result, 3CHARGY's platform and the charging station are able to constantly communicate and exchange information. The owner of the device has proprietary access to the platform (login and password), through which he or she can monitor the status of the service and view all charging and payment data.

Statistics and reports

Electric mobility is at an early stage of development and will naturally evolve over time. Therefore, it is important to be able to monitor charging points and-periodically-evaluate their use in order to guide future decisions (e.g., installation of new points) and/or change current policies (e.g., pricing of charging service).

Smart planning

  • The smart charging features of 3CHARGY Cloud allow EV drivers to schedule charging when electricity costs are lowest during off-peak hours. They can also monitor electricity costs and take advantage of flexible tariffs.

  • Allow more electric motorists to recharge at your stations by setting charging limits based on duration or energy consumption. Encourage motorists to use your stations after the set time by introducing charges for idle time.

Interoperability and roaming

Publicly available charging points should allow roaming with other operators, meaning that if an electric car driver already has a contract with a charging service provider, they should be able to use their contract to recharge at another point without applying for another card.

Reimbursement for employees who recharge at home

Take advantage of the lowest electric rates while your employees recharge their company cars at home. Easily determine charging costs by monitoring consumption and generating cost recovery reports with our software.

Assignment of rates according to customer type

Set electric vehicle charging rates per kWh, per duration or per hour of the day. Set prices by tariff group and offer different conditions depending on the type of customer: individual, fleet, private or public, even at the same location.

Publishing on maps

Your charging point will be visible on major online maps (those used by electric motorists). This step is critical for visibility, not only of the charging point, but also of the Owner.

Fast track for large-scale transport electrification

More charging stations are needed to enable motorists to travel smoothly on longer trips. However, as more electric vehicles are on the road, open-standard charging will be the most practical and convenient solution.


Remote management and support

Electric vehicle charging stations do not require specialized or frequent maintenance, thanks to the ability to perform remote diagnostics, which also works well for charging problems and firmware updates. In fact, most work can be done remotely, making routine maintenance possible quickly and inexpensively.

3CHARGY Cloud ensures optimal power distribution among charging stations through dynamic load management. It allows multiple charging stations to be installed at a site with limited power, without the need for upgrades.

3CHARGY Cloud is compatible and easily configured with charging stations from more than 40 manufacturers. Among them:


Dynamic load management DLM

  • 3CHARGY Cloud offers automated and dynamic control of power and power distribution to your EV chargers.

  • DLM is applicable to locations where multiple charging stations are installed and whose connection capacity is limited.

  • DLM ensures that the network is not overloaded by automatically, dynamically and efficiently distributing the available power.

  • DLM enables efficient charging of an electric car, taking into account not only the available power but also the capabilities of the vehicle to be recharged.

  • DLM also allows subscribers to be prioritized to ad hoc users based on the charger in use or who is charging.

Simple and flexible pricing

AC charging point

Monthly payment

  • one AC charging point

  • Public access

  • Collection of statistics

  • Roaming

  • User configuration

  • Payments and transactions

  • Free support

DC charging point

Monthly payment

  • one DC charging point

  • Public access

  • Collection of statistics

  • Roaming

  • User configuration

  • Payments and transactions

  • Free support

For company fleets.

Monthly payment

  • five AC charging points

  • Private access

  • Collection of statistics

  • at work and at home

  • Mobile app for employees

  • Employee accounting

  • Free support


Prices quoted are monthly, excluding VAT and other taxes, billed annually and paid in advance. Valid for minimum contracts of 24 months. Negotiable for larger quantities.


Everything you need to know before you start

Does 3CHARGY also offer plans for a single private charging point?

Yes. We also have a pricing plan for a single private charging point, AC or DC. Contact us for a customized quote.

How is the service accessed?

Contact us and we will send you a link to register. We will also send you the subscription contract.

What is the communication protocol with the station?

The software communicates with the charging station using the OCPP (required in the station for communication). This allows you to manage the device as a charging station operator (CPO), including remote control and diagnostics.

Is a free trial period possible?

Yes. You will have 7 days to try and test the platform before receiving the invoice for the first cycle.

How does 3CHARGY treat my privacy?

We strictly adhere to all RODO regulations.

In addition, the platform is located on secure and encrypted servers that ensure safe transactions.

I have a problem with my account
  • Check that your login information is correct

  • If the problem persists, please contact us directly

Do you have more questions? Ask a question here


Charging as a service

  • Payments and transactions

  • Roaming

  • DLM dynamic load management