A platform for energy management

The 3CHARGY platform combines all distributed energy resources (DER) and manages the energy efficiency of the home.

Home is the connection

HEMS makes it possible to increase return on investment and reduce energy consumption.

The future is going to be electric

The number of heat pumps, electric cars and photovoltaic systems are becoming increasingly popular.

The HEMS market

The main purpose is to maximize the use of energy generated within the building, especially from renewable sources.

Home Energy Management System

A home energy management system (HEMS) autonomously monitors, manages, and optimizes energy flows within a home to achieve a specific goal (such as maximizing self-sufficiency or minimizing costs).

What is the HEMS system?

Home Energy Management System (HEMS) is an advanced system that integrates various devices and technologies to monitor, control, and optimize home energy consumption. It works on the principle of automation and intelligent energy management, enabling users to consciously control and regulate their energy consumption in real time. Its main goal is to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency.

This is, of course, through optimizing energy consumption. The popularity of home HEMS systems is growing year by year, and the technology itself enables homeowners to save money on energy bills and make homes even greener.

Energy and cost savings

In addition, the HEMS system can also automatically adjust the operation of appliances such as lighting, heating and air conditioning to suit our needs and avoid unnecessary energy waste. This, in turn, results in significantly lower energy bills.

Comfort and convenience

The HEMS system allows us to remotely control home appliances using a smartphone or tablet. In this way we can quickly and easily adjust the temperature, lighting or other parameters, even when we are not at home. This provides greater comfort and convenience.

Environmental protection

Efficient energy management helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our impact on the environment. HEMS allows us to consciously control our energy consumption, helping us to protect the environment and significantly reduce our household's carbon footprint.

Integration with other technologies

The HEMS system can be easily integrated with other technologies, such as photovoltaic systems, energy storage, or electric cars. This allows us to harness the full potential of these solutions and better manage energy in the home.

3CHARGY HEMS is compatible and easily configurable with popular DERs (PV systems, heat pumps, wallboxes, boilers) including:


What is the principle behind the Home Energy Management System (HEMS)?

    The HEMS system is a kind of combination of hardware and software components that work together and operate to automatically monitor, analyze, and control the home's energy consumption. All this is done with the goal of efficient energy management in the home. The main and at the same time indispensable component for the operation of the HEMS system are the communication modules, which are incorporated into the hybrid inverter. It is through these that the HEMS algorithm can connect to, for example, a photovoltaic system or energy storage, providing comprehensive statistics on energy production and consumption.

Energy consumption monitoring

The HEMS system monitors energy consumption in real time using a smart meter. This allows us to monitor our consumption and identify areas where we can optimize it.

Data analysis

Energy consumption data are analyzed by the HEMS system to identify patterns and opportunities for optimization. Based on the data collected, the system is able to predict our energy needs at a given time and adjust the operation of equipment to optimize consumption.

Automatic control

The HEMS system can automatically control home appliances to optimize energy consumption.

Remote control

With a dedicated mobile app, users can remotely control and monitor energy consumption and control home appliances wherever they are.

HEMS and ecology

The HEMS system also has a positive impact on environmental protection. Optimizing energy consumption helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the impact on the environment. With the HEMS system, we can control our energy consumption, use greener energy sources such as solar energy, and minimize energy losses.

Designed for Prosumers

One of the main aspects that influence the successful operation of the HEMS system is its ability to integrate with photovoltaic systems. This allows us to optimize the self-consumption of the solar energy produced, or so-called self-consumption.

Even away from home

Energy management in motion

Allow customers to control assets and energy flows on the go with a customizable mobile interface, available on iOS and Android.

In addition, you can manage your 3CHARGY NANO or AERO home wallbox. Manage smart charging, configuration and authorization directly from your smartphone.